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September 27, 2005

Getting close...

Well, we're getting closer...only 4 days until we leave, and I'm pretty excited about the trip! I think getting the suitcase out of storage and airing it out really emphasized how fast the trip is coming up.

We've got a pretty good list of place we're going to try to see, and while we may not get to all of them, I'm sure we'll get to a good number of them. I'll leave it as a small suprise as to where we are/went when I update here.

Speaking of updating, I'm unsure about how easy it will be for me to find a connection to do the updates. Japan does have a lot of hotspots, but finding them for a reasonable rate is going to be the tricky part. I'm not sure if my hotel does, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough...

September 24, 2005

More testing

Sleeping Yoda.JPG

Just practicing uploading files and getting the thumbnails right.

Here's a picture of a friends cat "Yoda" catching a snooze in a shopping bag after having terrorized it (the bag) for a while.

September 22, 2005

We're live...

Well, we finally got the DNS working as it should so www.genthar.net is now live!

Welcome to the blog!

The major purpose behind this is to blog an upcoming trip to Japan. Why? Seemed like an interesting idea. It is also sort of a long term practice run for a dream trip to Alaska I'm planning. We shall see.

Why Japan? Well my dojo is going to visit the main dojo in Japan for its 30th anniversary. That, and it's a good excuse to show a few friends around Japan who have never been.

One of these days I'll get this all combined to one site, but there's another site I have up with some hints for the novice traveller to Japan. There's also some old photos and such posted on that site as well.

Oh, and while I'm at it...don't forget to visit Jorge's site.

September 20, 2005

wtf is Genthar?

Ok, before those of you who don't know me ask the question:
Genthar is a random collection of syllables that I put together as a name for my first DnD character. (way back in the '80's) (for those of you who are REALLY geeky, he was a fighter/thief 9/12 under 2nd ed. rules.)

The name has no particular meaning that I am aware of, and I've used it as a handle for many years now, so that was why I used that as the URL for this. (well, that and I couldn't think of anything else on short notice.)

As for why I didn't use my last name or something, well, there's a major sporting goods company who has that name all locked up. Unfortunately, there's no direct relation between that company and my family that I'm aware of.

Test Post with Image

Canyon Sunset.jpg

Ok, here's a test post with an image, after all the primary reason I wanted to set up a blog was to be able to share images from trips. This is a black and white image of the Grand Canyon I took a few years ago and scanned into the computer via flatbed scanner.

Thanks Jorge

Before I get too far along in testing and fiddling, I should thank Jorge for setting this up on relatively short notice. So...Thanks a lot, Jorge! As for why he had to set it up rather than me setting it up...well, the short of it is I was having hardware issues on the box that I wanted to use for this, and I ran out of time (and brain cells) to troubleshoot and still have a page up and running in time for the Japan trip.

Jorge was kind enough in the midst of his own busy schedule to whip this up for me on his box, so that I could attempt to use this for the Japan trip. Given the short amount of time until the trip (we fly out Oct 1) I doubt this page will get much fancier in the near term, unless Jorge gets a wild hair. I'll see about sprucing it up a bit, but, don't hold your breath...between prepping for the trip and everything else going on, plus the fact that I have to learn what and how to modify this thing, well...you get the idea.

And yes, this is a precursor to a future trip to Alaska that I still want to do. It's looking like 2007-2008 at the earliest for that trip, but sooner or later I WILL make that trip.