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Thanks Jorge

Before I get too far along in testing and fiddling, I should thank Jorge for setting this up on relatively short notice. So...Thanks a lot, Jorge! As for why he had to set it up rather than me setting it up...well, the short of it is I was having hardware issues on the box that I wanted to use for this, and I ran out of time (and brain cells) to troubleshoot and still have a page up and running in time for the Japan trip.

Jorge was kind enough in the midst of his own busy schedule to whip this up for me on his box, so that I could attempt to use this for the Japan trip. Given the short amount of time until the trip (we fly out Oct 1) I doubt this page will get much fancier in the near term, unless Jorge gets a wild hair. I'll see about sprucing it up a bit, but, don't hold your breath...between prepping for the trip and everything else going on, plus the fact that I have to learn what and how to modify this thing, get the idea.

And yes, this is a precursor to a future trip to Alaska that I still want to do. It's looking like 2007-2008 at the earliest for that trip, but sooner or later I WILL make that trip.


Looks great! Looking forward to seeing some pics from your Japan trip. Wish I were going. :(

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