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November 30, 2008

Yosemite - 2008

I and several friends are going up to Yosemite this year. I cannot wait! It was so beautiful and so relaxing last year, that I had to schedule another trip this year, and drag some of my friends along on the trip. I hope we have as good of a time as I did last year.

The weather looks like it will be clear but cool/cold. Both good and bad news. Good because it means the roads will be safer, and we won't get rained out or have to worry about being stuck in the snow. Bad, because a light dusting of snow last year made the valley just absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to have that again this year. But, regardless, I won't complain.

For you photography geeks out there, I purchased some neutral density gradient filters (4"x6" Lee filters and the Lee holder) and I'll be experimenting with them this year. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good experience and maybe a good photo or two by using them. I wish I would have had time to practice with them before the trip, but, oh well. Trial by fire it will have to be. And if I get lousy pictures, that just means I'll have to come back and try again...oh darn!