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Changes to the site

Hey all, my one or two readers may notice that I'm doing some changes to the site. I noticed with my trip to Lake Tahoe that I developed a serious case of verbal diarrhea which made some of the entries really long. Well, the blog has the ability to shorten the entries so that a smaller summary is at the top and the longer entry is available to those who need a nap and want more bedtime reading. So, I'm going back and re-editing some old entries, as well as making use of the categorizing function to sort the entries into other more locatable categories. Nothing else will change content wise, it'll just be a little more compact on first inspection. It will take a little time to get everything edited, but eventually it'll be done.

I'm also fiddling with the size of the pages. Originally it was set up with a rather small page size, I'm presuming for 800x600 type screens. But, I'm guessing most people are running 1280x1024 or higher these days so I expanded the page size to help fill in a bit.

As I take more photos I'll start using larger thumbnails. It's kind of a pain to go back and redo the thumbnails for all of the previous shots, so those will remain small, but from here on out I'll use a larger thumbnail for the pics.

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