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Hey, it's still here...

Well, it has been far too long since I've done any updating on this. Some of this I blame on Facebook..after all, why update a blog when I can just do a short blurb for Facebook and not have to exercise my vocabulary and bore people with verbosity. I've probably since lost my one or two readers, but, talking to myself is nothing new.

But, then again, exercising my verbosity is at least another outlet I can use to exercise the creative side of my brain. Might be about the only exercise I really do, but something is better than nothing, eh?

So gosh, what has happened since Thanksgiving of 2009, my last update? Well, the usual trip to Yosemite happened that year, which as usual was a wonderfully relaxing time. I never thought I could so look forward to going to the same place year after year, but there is something about Yosemite in the winter that just really appeals to me. Maybe it's the company, maybe it's the relative solitude of Yosemite in the winter (there's very few people there compared to Summer time), maybe it's the quiet that permeates the valley when the snow falls in the crisp winter air. Dunno, but I love it.

Unfortunately the big event of 2010 was my father unexpectedly passing away in May of 2010. It's odd, I say unexpectedly, because it was unexpected because we (I) did not expect the back surgery he was going to have to be the thing that would do him in. His health had been declining as the years go by, and in my heart I knew that he would pass sooner rather than later, and I had attempted to steel my heart for when that would eventually happen. But I did not expect it to happen when it did. I suppose nobody can really be prepared for this kind of thing, but it is cold comfort. Still, life for the rest of us must go on. I went through all of the classic stages of grief...I got angry, I was sad, I disbelieved, I cried, I laughed at my memories, and eventually accepted it. I have grieved, and still occasionally grieve over his passing, but there is little I can do but accept the fact that he is gone, and try to move on.

Let's see, what else did I do...well, I went to the desert to try to get pictures of the wildflowers, I went to Morro Bay and Hearst Castle at San Simeon. That was a lot of fun, and a great quiet break as well.

After that was my first trip to Boston for my cousin's wedding. I wish I could have spent more time in Boston with the family, but that was certainly a fun trip while we were there. I definitely need to spend a bit more time exploring the eastern seaboard one of these days.

Then my usual trip to Yosemite, where this time it had actively snowed. That was awesome to see.

Moving to 2011, so far it's been Las Vegas / Hoover Dam, and then a family reunion in July. It started with the Fukuhara Family reunion at Lake Tahoe, during the planning we managed to get a mini-reunion of the Mizuno/Takeuchi side of the family as well in Sacramento.

The Mizuno/Takeuchi reunion was good as we rarely seem to get together with that side of the family. There's lots of reasons why, some of which came out during the reunion, but none of it was bad, just some old family bones and secrets that needed to be brought out and aired out so the healing could begin. And I think it definitely was a healing reunion for some of us. It is unfortunate that my Dad's passing seemed to be the catalyst for some of the healing to occur, but, all healing is good.

The Fukuhara reunion was a blast at Tahoe, and it was great to see almost the entire family together. Both sides of the family showed some amazing food skills and we probably had enough food at both to feed a small army. Ah, Asian families...you're guaranteed never to go hungry at a party put on by an Asian family.

So that is the super condensed catchup of the past 2 years...coming up next is the annual trip to Yosemite. We're going a bit later in December than usual, in the hopes of getting more snow. :) Then, at the start of next year is the big trip to Yellowstone. Yellowstone in the Winter. Should be totally awesome. I'll have more details on the Yellowstone trip as we get closer. Right now I'm in the midst of shopping for a bunch of snow gear for that trip, as well as prepping for the upcoming Holidays and Yosemite. All in all a busy time of the year for me.

Well, I think that's enough verbal diarrhea for now...more to come later.

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