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September 28, 2012

Fail at blogging

Wow, I fail at keeping a blog current. So, what has happened since the LAST update almost a year ago...

Well, going late to Yosemite to get snow was a bust. Turned out to be the driest winter on record. They normally close Tioga Pass over the eastern Sierra's at the first sign of snow. Typically happens in November. Well, they were still open when we went. In fact, they were open in January, later than at any point since they began keeping records in 1937! Still, it gave us the chance to go into the high-country late in the year, when normally it's closed. In fact, we went all the way down to Mono Lake and saw the tufas.

The highlight of the year though was going to Yellowstone. What an adventure! I cannot recommend it highly enough. We went snowmobiling, hiking around in the snow, and saw tons of bison, wolves, elk, and saw the tracks for ermine, rabbits, and beaver. It was absolutely gorgeous out there. The snowmobiling was a total blast as we made the loop from Mammoth Hot Springs down to Old Faithful and back over the course of a couple of days. There are so many stories to tell, that I can't do justice to them in this super-condensed summary. Maybe I'll get off my ass at some point and write them all out so they aren't forgotten. I already have forgotten some of the numbers for the wolves.

Despite the joy and relaxation of Yellowstone, reality hit back pretty fast. Our beloved pup, Tono, passed away while I was in Yellowstone, due to complications from Canine Active Hepatitis...way too soon, he was only 5 years old. I knew he was sick when I left, and unfortunately I guessed correctly that he wouldn't last until I got back. We haven't decided if we want another dog or not yet, though Mom is making noise like she's ready for a new one. We've had terrible luck with our dogs of late, hopefully our luck will change.

Between work and that, I was ready for another break pretty fast, and apparently so was Pam, so we made a run up to Bryce and Zion in april. No snow, but it was a fun trip. Bryce and Zion are both beautiful, but they don't seem to have that same compelling pull for us that Yosemite does. I'm glad we went, since I hadn't seen either, but they're not high on my "need to go back, now!" list.

After that it's just been the long slog through summer until now. In October, I'm going to see Allegiance, the musical. It's a story about the Japanese internment camps of World War II, and one family's struggle to cope with their conflicting identities. It stars George Takei, and has some of his personal history as part of the design. It's been getting rave reviews, hopefully it'll do well and make it to Broadway.

After that is the holidays and the annual trip to Yosemite in December. We're earlier this year because of conflicting vacation schedules at work, but anytime in Yosemite is a good time. And it's been a really long summer with a heavy workload this year, so I will really enjoy the time off to decompress and relax. And play with my new D800 camera. :) Yes, I finally upgraded my old D80 to the new D800. I cannot wait to start doing some real shooting with it.

Anyway, this is turning into more of a diary than a blog, but c'est la vie. Hopefully I'll be a little better at keeping the blog running. Yeah, right...